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Francine Turtz

"I've had the privilege to participate in both the Homeopathy and Bach Flowers certification classes with Shelley. Her passion and commitment to conveying this knowledge to her students is extraordinary and compelling. The information is invaluable for anyone who wants to enhance their lives and promote healing. Both areas of remedies provide amazing restoration of balance and harmony in all areas including physical, mental and emotional issues. My own experiences as a healer have been nothing short of miraculous."

~ Francine Turtz



Jan Greenberg

"I originally started learning about Homeopathy and Bach flowers for my own personal use. Then it became helping my pets, family and friends. Now I get to help people from all over. Thank you!"

~ Jan Greenberg







"I have taken every homeopathy and Bach essences course Shelley and Willow have offered: from the basics in Level 1, to their advanced graduate courses in hormone balancing. The knowledge I have gained is irreplaceable. Empowered with this remarkable information, I have achieved healing for myself, friends, family, and even my pets in a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual ways. From bee stings, to severe allergic reactions, to dealing with grief when losing someone we love, to assisting in major self transformations: I have witnessed it all.


I feel fortunate to know Shelley and Willow. They are exceptional educators, caring healers, and devoted friends. Their gifts to this world are real, and I have been the benefactor of these over and over again. I can confidently say one of the reasons I am thriving in my life is because of homeopathy and Bach flower essences. They continually heal me holistically and elevate my existence."

~ Cherie Kephart



Dr Debbie Novick Chiropractor

"As a chiropractic physician I was introduced to homeopathic remedies 14 years ago and was astounded at the efficacy and speed at which these substances could resolve symptoms without any negative side effects. Not only are they effective at addressing physical symptoms, they also resolve mental emotional imbalances with equal effectiveness. Once I began using them regularly, I knew I had to learn all I could, and I enrolled in Learn Homeopathy Now's comprehensive certification trainings. Now I feel that I cannot be without them in my daily practice, otherwise it would feel like I had my hands tied behind my back. Homeopathy is now an integral and necessary part of my ability to facilitate the healing process for my patients."

~ Dr. Debbie Novick, Novick Chiropractic, drdebnov.com




Andrea Meyer

"I recommend Learn Homeopathy Now to all of my clients. That is how much of a difference your classes, and homeopathic and Bach flower care makes! There is not one area of my personal, family or professional life that homeopathy and Bach flowers have not made better. This modality of health care works alone or along side any other. Whether someone is working on spiritual growth or just has a splinter, your classes are aninvaluable tool to a better, happier and fulfilled life! Thank you!"

~ Andrea Meyer, BA, LM, CPM, IAIM, CiHom




Andrea Kiesel

"I started using combination homeopathic remedies in my practice as a Bio-Energetic Practitioner, but I didn't understand the foundational concepts of homeopathy until I took classes with Shelley and Willow at Learn Homeopathy Now, where I eventually received my certification in classical homeopathy.


Because of their enthusiastic and effective teaching styles, I also took the Bach Flower classes and have been using all of these modalities for the benefit of my clients and my family. I continue to spread the word about using homeopathic remedies instead of (or along with) drugs for aches and pains, to boost the immune system, prevent the flu and generally balance the body for overall wellness and disease prevention.


I love what I do and am so thankful for Shelley and Willow at Learn Homeopathy Now for helping me to be an even better practitioner!"

~ Andrea Kiesel, MBE, CiHom, BioEnergetic Practitioner, Homeopath and Nutritional Consultant,
The Wellness Advantage, WellnessInLiving.com




Wendy Costa

"My personal pursuit of alternative healing led me to Shelley McQuerter and Learn Homeopathy Now. When I signed up for the introductory courses in Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy, I had no idea how these classes would change my life. After just a few hours of instruction, I was able to successfully treat my family and myself for everything from headaches to bee stings. I was so excited to take care of those I loved without chemicals or side effects, that I went on to receive an advanced certificate in Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy.


I found my passion in the Bach Flowers. Shelley has been an amazing mentor and teacher. She generously shares her knowledge of the Bach Flowers and all of the nuances that go into making custom bottles. It is a skill that I am privileged to share with family, friends and clients. Thank you, Shelley, for providing this material."

~ Wendy Costa





"I need to do a testimony for you guys! I went to the LIGA conference - hung out with the top doc's in the world, including P Fischer (Queen Elizabeth's doc) and what I learned is that I know a lot about Homeopathy! LHN taught me more and in an amazingly comprehensive way that most spent years and thousands of dollars learning! I even had Ullman, Fischer and others indirectly quiz me...I was dead on every time....I even opened their eyes to some ideas. I know it is from the way LHN teaches the info! Love you both! Xo"

~ Maria Gray-Whalen





"I took Shelley and Willow"s homeopathy and flower essence classes a few years ago, and I am so thankful I did! I have a family and I use what I learned in their classes all the time. In fact, just today I used a homeopathic remedy for my husband who got hurt playing football, and for my daughter who has a cold. It is so nice to be able to treat your family with homeopathy and/or essences when something comes up, instead of relying on going to a doctor right away! Shelley and Willow are both wonderful, insightful people. They not only made learning homeopathy easy, they made it fun and exciting. I am deeply grateful that I met them when I did!"

~ Kelly Fordyce-Simcoe





Leslie Baral

"A vessel had exploded in my left eye leaving my eye with a Dracula Blood Red appearance! First I called both my ophthalmologist and was told I would have to '...live with it for at least a month.' Secondly, I called my optometrist and he seconded my ophthalmologist prognosis. Thirdly, I called my friend Shelley and she said, '...take Belladonna and within two days your eye will be clear and good to go.' She was right!"

~ Leslie Hendrickson-Baral, M.Ed., OMC-EEG, DAAIM, BCIM,
California Neuro-Education, attention-training.com




Dr Debbie Novick Chiropractor

"I just recently had a patient call me on the phone, telling me she had a very painful sore inside of her nose and wanted some homeopathic advice. I told her to take Natrum Muriaticum 30C three times a day for three days. She came in to see me two days later and reported that with one single dose the sore had disappeared within 15 minutes and resolved completely.


I also was consulted by a mother who has been a lifetime patient concerning her 3-year-old daughter who has been exhibiting neurological symptoms since for the past two years. She first noticed that her daughter was not developing speech properly, she also indicated that her ambulation was stiff and awkward, was unable to walk up stairs without great difficulty, as well as displaying stiff curled up legs while sleeping. I interviewed her thoroughly, and decided to prescribe Causticum 200C for three days. She brought her back two weeks later and all of her neurological symptoms had resolved."

~ Debbie Novick




Dominique Ryba

"When my oldest son was 2 years old, he had chronic ear infections with endless rounds of antibiotics and no healing in sight. As a new mother, tired and frustrated with a feeling that there had to be SOMETHING out there that was better than this, I decided to take the Level 1 and 2 Homeopathy classes and give it a go. I had no idea how life impacting this would be for me and my growing family! The ear infections cleared up completely and never returned again for my oldest, who is now 9 years old. My middle son, who was 6 months at the time I started the classes and is now 7 years old, had one ear infection in his life at that time. I had tried one round of antibiotics, which made him sick, and then tried using the remedies and it completely cleared away the infection. He has NEVER taken another antibiotic, nor has had an ear infection since! Now, my youngest son who is 3 years old, has never even had a ear infection, bronchitis, or any other secondary infection that often develops from colds. Because of homeopathy, I have been able to successfully treat my family's ailments without ever having to turn to doctor visits or pharmaceutical drugs that only create a band-aid effect. Knowing that I can help my children, as well as myself, my husband, and my loved ones, in a healthy and non-invasive way using the homeopathic remedies is something I would wish for every mother to have!


This beginning personal experience of seeing how well my sons responded to using the remedies was the catalyst to the desire to become even more educated in homeopathy, and I then went on to take the Level 3, 4, and 5 classes. It has helped on so many different mental and physical levels! It has helped me personally to cope with chronic depression and hormonal imbalances from pregnancies and menstrual cycles. It has cleared my husband's sciatica back pain and chronic insomnia from daily overwork and overwhelm. It has helped me to handle 3 young boys as toddlers going through bumps and bruises on a daily basis. And the list really goes on and on. I just couldn't believe that such a wonderful approach to health care that actually works and has no harmful side effects could be so virtually unknown by the main public!


I am also grateful to have all of the knowledge I have learned on homeopathic constitutions from the advanced classes. This has been SUCH a gift in being able to understand each of my children's constitutions and personality types. Now I understand how they feel and move through life, and I have such a better understanding of how they may become out of balance and which remedies and Bach flowers are going to be helpful to restore balance. It has also helped me to understand myself better, as well as my husband and my loved ones!


I am forever and deeply thankful for the classes that Shelley and Willow have made available to help spread the knowledge and power that homeopathy and Bach flowers give us. It is clear how passionate they are in their work and teachings, and they deliver the classes in such an interesting and easy-to-absorb way. The notebooks from the classes are superb and wonderful to have for continuous reference. I cannot recommend Learn Homeopathy Now and discovering homeopathy enough!"

~ Dominique Ryba





"My 4 year old daughter was waking up in the middle of the night literally screaming from pains in her legs. I took her to the doctor who ascertained growing pains and was told to give her Tylenol. Concerned about giving her what probably would become nightly doses of Tylenol, I turned to Homeopathy and found Calcarea Phosphorica. This remedy is a God send! It works so much faster than any pain medication I could give her. Usually 1 dose does the trick and within a few minutes the pain is gone. No longer does my daughter have to suffer in so much agony (one peep about leg pain and I give her a dose) and I also don't have to worry about any side effects. This has been a gigantic relief for previously deeply concerned mother."

~ Karina Tettero




Rachel Gleed

"Just want to share that the knowledge and use of homeopathy has been a blessing over the past several days. I came down with the flu/cold that is currently going around just as my sister arrived from out of state to share Thanksgiving week with us. She was just getting over it herself, and said she ended up at urgent care with 'walking pneumonia' and had to take 2 cycles of antibiotics to kick it. I told her I was already taking homeopathics, and hoped to feel better within a few days. It's been a rough one and quite a journey with symptoms expressing, clearing and changing almost daily. However, I'm happy to say it is almost over with – only the lingering cough remains. I was also able to help my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter, and they both bounced right back as well. We are all looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving together tomorrow, at my house!"

~ Rachel Gleed, San Diego, CA





"Forget about pediatricians, I am mother of three and since I studied homeopathy at LHN I haven't been back at the pediatrician."

~ Monica Stefanoni





"I've been using my travel kit, and it has really saved me. I had bright green mucous and a cough, from the humidity in India, and air conditioning here -- so I used Mercurius Sol. and it finally changed to yellow, and then I used Pulsatilla, and am feeling much better. Just finally starting to grieve my dad, but forgot the Ignatia, not a good move, but Apis has helped with itching from mosquito bites and Hypericum really helps with my Invisilign retainers that I just started wearing again. Without my travel kit, which I customized from my 30c kit, I would have been in big trouble and probably would have ended up at doctor. Also have taken Nux when I wake up at 3am."

~ Karey Pohn







"My cat had a huge red bulge hanging from under her belly. The Vet thought it was either mammary gland cancer or some major infection. I didn t have the hundreds of dollars the vet wanted to run tests so I opted for antibiotics and left. After antibiotics essentially did nothing for my cat, I turned to my Homeopath friend and asked her for help. She recommended a homeopathic remedy for the proper drainage of lymph glands in the mammary region. I placed the remedy in my cat's water dish (and didn't have to worry about it affecting any of my other pets since homeopathic remedies are totally safe) and after about 3 weeks that huge bulge was a quarter of it's original size. I still put give her the remedy, even though she is back to her original size, just to be on the safe side. Besides curing her, even better, is knowing that her treatment cost me less than twenty dollars versus the hundreds of dollars my vet wanted."

~ Karina Tettero




Wendy Costa

"Bach Flowers and Homeopathy have transformed my life. I found Shelley and Learn Homeopathy Now right before my life hit a major crossroad. Shelley taught me about the importance of matching my emotional symptoms with my physical symptoms to find the very best remedy. I learned how to combine the Bach Flowers to address my ever-changing state of mind, and to achieve balance. With her guidance, I was able to swiftly move through a very difficult time in my life and come out the other side better than ever. Thank you, Shelley for providing this valuable information in a way that anyone can understand and apply for immediate results."

~ Wendy Costa




Dr Debbie Novick Chiropractor

"Recently, I had a new patient that was going through major emotional stress at her job. She had never heard of Bach Flower remedies. After explaining the benefits and effects of these subtle flower essences, I prescribed a combination bottle for her to take on a daily basis to ameliorate her emotional symptoms. Several sessions later, she confessed that at first, she was extremely skeptical and had no faith in them, after using them as prescribed for several weeks, she was amazed at how much they had helped her stay more balanced and able to cope with her daily work stressors. She then asked me to make new combination bottle for her periodically as she did not want to be without them.


On another occasion, I had a new mother bring her newborn complaining that the baby was irritable and had colic. I prescribed a combination bottle for him and gave him several drops at the office visit, while he was crying and fussing, within a few minutes he was calm and quiet and remained that way for the rest of the visit. Subsequently, the mother contacted me via phone and reported that this combination remedy had done the trick beautifully and the baby was much calmer and more comfortable and she could now engage in more activities without having to loose sleep and carry him all the time."

~ Dr.Debbie Novick




Dominique Ryba

"As amazed as I was to learn about homeopathy, I was just as amazed if not more, by the profound changes and healing that are possible through the Bach flowers. After taking the 5 levels of classes in homeopathy, I was very excited to take the Bach flower classes with Shelley and Willow. As much as learning homeopathy has changed my life, the flowers have also had such a significant impact in the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of my well-being and the well-being of my family and loved ones. I have discovered that the remedies and flowers combined give us a powerful resource to help heal and to grow in such a profound, yet simple and gentle way.


I have had much success in using the flowers to treat emotional states that have been with me for years. I ve been able to successfully handle chronic depression, feelings of stress and daily overwhelm as a busy mother of three, find more self-confidence helping to eliminate feelings of shyness in groups that has been with me since childhood, find more peace and balance as an over-striving and perfectionist personality type, and tobe able to cope with the ups and downs of every day life better now than I have ever been able to. The flowers combined with specific remedies have also helped me to deal with a very emotional and painful loss of my dear father a few years ago, helping me to work through and move the feelings and emotions to a final place of peace and acceptance.


The Bach flowers have also been a phenomenal tool in being able to help my 3 children cope with different issues as they arise and that they have moved through. They have helped my boys cope with all things from being clingy and bossy toddlers to jealousy from having new sibling(s), shyness and building of self-confidence, separation anxieties, over-zealous leadership tendencies, clarity and focus as school-age children, and the list goes on and on! I have even had success using the flowers to help heal physical ailments. I've used the flowers to clear a chronic coughing condition with my middle son, now 7 years old, when he was a toddler. Remedies helped but were not clearing the problem and the symptoms would keep returning. So I turned to the flowers and AMAZINGLY, the symptoms cleared within 1-2 weeks and NEVER returned! I have also been able to clear chronic headaches he was having just recently in the past year using just the Bach flowers. My husband has also had very positive responses to the flowers. As a very busy working family man who also runs his own business, they have helped him to cope and become more balanced from being in a constant state of overwork and overwhelm. He is in a more relaxed and carefree state than I have seen him in a long time!


I have found that the Bach flowers seem to go hand-in-hand with the homeopathic remedies. Together, they create a powerful resource of tools accessible to any person wanting to take charge of their own mental and physical health without the use of strong medications and drugs with poor side effects and, often times, limited results. Shelley and Willow are a brilliant team, and their passion for the flowers and their healing powers is evident in the way they teach. Excellent take-home notebooks make it easy for continual reference, and help one to review and retain the information learned on the flowers. I cannot recommend the Bach flower classes through Learn Homeopathy Now enough!"

~ Dominique Ryba





"Bach Flowers changed my life. I am more tolerant, happier and I have more self knowledge."

~ Monica Stefanoni





"I love working with flower essences. Since they work entirely on an energetic level, they are a subtle, safe and gentle way to heal mind, body and spirit. I use the Bach Flower Essences in my holistic health practice and have seen remarkable results with my clients. I've also used the essences with animals with incredible success and would highly recommend their use."

~ Shoshana Michel, HHP, CiHom, CiBFE